What you should know


Ken Lee


Software Engineer (retired) now a lounge lizard

Favorite Camera:

Nikon D500 (updated 5/15/16) 

Favorite Subjects:

Furs - Feathers - Structures - Shapes - Textures - Colors

Favorite Vacation Spot:

Northeastern New England and now the Southwestern US.

Little known facts

Starting out on this crazy journey with wildlife photography is one filled with mosquito/frost bites with long days of getting nothing but sun burns or frozen toes - so why do I keep going?

In one word - obsession - which used to be passion and that’s what goes into all my work.

A strong believer that ‘wildlife/nature’ images should tell the story of the ‘moment’ to truly express one’s craft using ninja techniques with an long lens bringing the subject closer rather than getting closer to the subject.

The vast majority of my images are in the New England area and now the Southwest of US - all subjects are wild and are not zoo - tamed - or have they been harassed or harmed during taken of these images.

Reproduction - printing - or distribution of these materials is protected by US and International Copyright laws and is strictly prohibited without my consent.

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